Streamforge secures $1.2M USD seed funding for AI-driven gaming influencer marketing 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 06, 2023 — Streamforge, an AI firm revolutionizing influencer marketing for brands and video game publishers, has closed its oversubscribed $1.2M seed funding round. 

The round was led by Triptyq Capital, with participation from Leansquare, Telegraph Hill Capital,  and other angel investor groups, all recognizing the potential for a transformative AI product in gaming influencer marketing. The successful closing of the seed round means Streamforge is now poised to continue scaling its technology infrastructure to onboard more brands and publishers, with expansion across North America, Asia, and Europe to follow. The capital raised will also enable further diversification into additional verticals, such as mobile.  

Streamforge’s proprietary technology takes influencer marketing beyond matchmaking by leveraging billions of data points for a deeper understanding of creators and their audiences. This insight enables more precise and targeted pairing, optimizing the influencer marketing landscape in the highly diverse and competitive gaming environment. 

“The gaming industry is a sector where authentic and targeted engagement is key,” said Xavier Constantin, co-founder and CEO of Streamforge. “We see a huge opportunity in AI to precisely engage those audiences and reshape the dynamics of modern influencer marketing. We’re grateful for the support and trust shown by our investors and the entire Streamforge team in securing this milestone funding.” 

“Influencer marketing is a vital part of the gaming industry, and Streamforge is leading the innovation in this space,” said Guillaume Thérien, managing partner at Triptyq Capital. “We’re confident in the team’s expertise and the potential of their platform to transform how brands connect with the gaming community. We’re proud to support Streamforge’s mission and are excited to see their continued growth and success.”

Founded in 2018 by Xavier Constantin and Nick Lombardi, the Streamforge platform uses AI to help brands and publishers identify the content creators and audiences who best align with their goals. The unique algorithms consider factors such as the target audience, preferred content, and campaign objectives. The platform also offers a range of features to streamline influencer marketing. These include a global search engine for creators, automated campaign management from start to finish, integrated tracking of sales, and real-time reporting. 

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About Streamforge:
Streamforge develops AI-driven technology solutions to optimize influencer marketing. Tailored to the gaming industry, Streamforge works with publishers and brands to provide data-driven insights into content creators and their audiences. By leveraging billions of data points, the company enables customers to match with highly relevant gaming communities across major social platforms including Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok. Streamforge was founded in 2018 and is based in Montreal, CA.