Stylish new pop-fantasy RPG Dislyte coming to iOS and Android

Lilith Games latest RPG will merge visually striking mythic heroes and epic futuristic urban combat to create a stylish pop-fantasy RPG experience like no other

September 2nd, 2021 – Lilith Games, developer of smash hit mobile titles AFK Arena, Warpath, and Rise of Kingdoms, today unveiled its latest ambitious project, futuristic adventure RPG Dislyte. Pulsating to an electro beat, the game’s near-future urban fantasy world pits ancient deities against mythological beasts battling it out in iconic cities across the world for the fate of humanity. Lilith’s famed high-quality visuals, coupled with the game’s distinctive soundtrack and sonic-based gameplay, will give Dislyte a vibrant sense of style like no other when it debuts on iOS and Android.

Dislyte takes place in 2027, its near-future urban setting blending with the mythology and legends of the past. In Dislyte’s timeline, The Miracles blinked into existence across the world, challenging human civilization. Mysterious creatures – Miramon from another dimension holds the planet under siege, leaving Earth’s defence in the hands of powerful humans called Espers, transformed into icons of myth along with the arrival of the Miracles. Now the Espers count Heroes as mighty as Odin, Hermes, and Sun Wukong amongst their ranks. It falls upon the player as humanity’s last hope to assemble a powerful team and rise up to stop the forces of evil.

Alongside its distinctive visuals, Dislyte’s music will also pack a punch, drawing on a range of genres from pulsing EDM beats to thumping rock strings. Creating a distinctive atmosphere, Dislyte’s stylish music elements can be found on every corner. Discover new sounds, set different moods and drop the beat with Dislyte’s musically-based gacha gameplay system.


  • Stunning visuals bring the world to life beneath your fingertips
  • Ancient mythology merges with an engaging storyline and spectacular city scenes
  • Battle to save the Earth from monsters and hold fate in your own hand
  • Master your strategy, collect and equip a roster of battle-ready heroes
  • A pitch-perfect soundtrack that is perfect for exploring an urban playground

Dislyte is coming soon to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Pre-register and keep up to date with the latest Dislyte news on


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Lilith’s first fully self-developed title, Soul Hunters topped the charts in multiple countries globally. Soul Hunters was followed by “Art of Conquest” in September 2017, “Rise Of Kingdoms” in September 2018, “AFK Arena” in April 2019, and Warpath in October 2020. Another self-developed game, “Abi”, was selected by the Apple App Store as ‘Best Indie Game of the Year’ 2017. Today Lilith Games has more than nine hundred employees and has brought the joy of gaming to more than 100 million players worldwide. Visit for more.