Summon a staggering 100 heroes to power up your team and celebrate the second anniversary of AFK Arena in style

The smash-hit mobile idle RPG is throwing a party to remember with tons of gifts, new heroes and extraordinary events

April 6th, 2021 – AFK Arena is blowing up the balloons and icing the cake as it prepares to celebrate its second birthday this week with the mother of all birthday parties. The celebrations kick off with some incredible anniversary gifts that include 100 summon scrolls, two new heroes, exclusive skins and other bonuses. The festivities start today, and players can join the fun by downloading the game for free on Google Play and the App Store.

AFK Arena is giving all players, from rookies to veterans, a total of 100 summons as part of the massive celebration. To get this reward, players just have to log in to the game three times over three days before May 6th to claim all these summon scrolls. Lilith Games is also offering AFK Arena players a special anniversary gift package code. Use the Code: aaz27uvgfi to unlock a treasure trove of 3000 Diamonds and 30 extra Summons. But the presents don’t just stop there! Inn Keeper Dolly will be hosting some lively jazz in the Tavern to give a touch of class to proceedings. Four heroes are also getting a makeover for the celebration, starting with Gwyneth and Skriath, who are receiving the Musical Rose and Kingpin skins and unique background music.

Lightbearer Peggy and Wilder Raku have joined the AFK Arena roster of incredible characters in time for the birthday party. Peggy is a precocious princess who enters battle with a defensive bonus from her Royal Guards and rains down a salvo of damage and debuffs thanks to her Royal Marksmen. Meanwhile, Raku the Racoon can deceive the enemy with his cute and fluffy appearance before unleashing his Acorn Cannon that deals out punishment to low-health enemies. Raku’s Peckish ability also allows him to strengthen his attack further thanks to a quick snack.

AFK Arena marks the end of its second incredible year with over 30 million downloads. Since its launch, AFK players have been treated to special appearances from Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio Auditore, Overlord’s Ainz & Albedo and PERSONA5 icons JOKER and QUEEN. The world of Esperia also saw internet royalty Markiplier make it his home as the tavern’s barkeep and superstar DJ Don Diablo created a track inspired by the game.

Players can join the second-year celebrations now by downloading AFK Arena for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Stay tuned for the latest AFK news and join the 1 million strong community by following their official Facebook page.

About Lilith Games:

Lilith’s first fully self-developed title, Soul Hunters topped the charts in multiple countries globally. Soul Hunters was followed by “Art of Conquest” in September 2017, “Rise Of Kingdoms” in September 2018, “AFK Arena” in April 2019 and Warpath in October 2020. Another self-developed game, “Abi” was selected by the Apple App Store as ‘Best Indie Game of the Year’ 2017. Today Lilith Games has more than nine hundred employees and has brought the joy of gaming to more than 100 million players worldwide. Visit for more.