Sword of Convallaria brings an exclusive demo to players as part of Steam Next Fest

JRPG featuring the music of Final Fantasy XII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto offers players a glimpse into the enchanting world that awaits them at full launch

January 19th, 2024 – The highly anticipated fantasy tactical JRPG Sword of Convallaria (SoC) is set to make a splash as part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest. From February 5th until the end of Next Fest, players will be able to step inside the enchanting world of Iria and experience SoC’s unique blend of turn-based strategy and pixel art aesthetics as part of an exclusive demo. 

The Steam Next Fest gameplay demo promises up to 10 hours of single-player story content, providing PC players an early taste of what awaits in the full release. While the full release date is still to be announced, developers XD Inc. can confirm that the game will be free to play on Steam, iOS, and Android, with plans for console ports underway.

In Sword of Convallaria, players will experience authentic grid-based tactical battles where their skill and strategy will be tested. Recruit and train a packed roster of companions at the tavern by teaching them powerful attacks and honing their unique stats and abilities ready to lead them on an epic adventure filled with quests, loot, and glory. 

Music producer Hitoshi Sakimoto – best known for scoring FF Tactics, FFXII, and Tactics Ogre – lends his expertise to Sword of Convallaria with his finest musical pieces to date. The production quality is further enhanced by the addition of over 40 anime and game voice-acting stars like Kazuhiko Inoue (Naruto, Final Fantasy XV, Fire Emblem Heroes), Aoi Yūki  (Pokemon, Xenoblade Chronicles, Genshin Impact), and Takuya Eguchi (Spy x Family, Granblue Fantasy, BLUELOCK).


  • Free demo for players to get an early look at the world of Iria and the adventure that awaits them through up to 10 hours of story gameplay
  • Fight through grid-based battles inspired by the genre’s most classic titles for an authentic and enjoyable experience to the score of legendary producer Hitoshi Sakimoto
  • Recruit and train a host of unique companion characters, each with their own abilities and personality, brought to life through some of the best Japanese voice actors

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