Imperial Chinese-era murder mystery Tales of the Mirror out now on PC and Mobile

Look into the mirror and be transported into a living Chinese painting in this visual novel murder-mystery game set in the  Ming Dynasty, out now on the App Store, Google Play and Steam

August 12th, 2021 – Developer Cotton Game and publisher Lilith Games have today launched their beautiful visual novel experience Tales of the Mirror on iOS, Android and PC as a premium title. Stepping into a living painting inspired by classic Chinese art, players will be drawn into a tale of murder and deception in this mystery adapted from historical Chinese literature. Set during the famous Ming Dynasty, Tales of the Mirror immerses players in the period’s rich history through its incredible visual style, animation, and story.

Cotton Game has masterfully brought the mysterious world of Tales of the Mirror to life with its visual style. Every area springs from the screen as though freshly painted with delicate brushstrokes that instantly evoke classic Chinese paintings and illustrations. This authentic feel is reflected in every aspect of the game, with music and animation that takes inspiration from China’s rich culture of Opera and a story firmly rooted in the country’s literary traditions.

Tales of the Mirror centres on a gruesome murder in a small village on the beautiful Yangtze River. Taking the role of Peh Jun, players meet the mysterious woman Jin San-niang and are thrust into a world of intrigue and magic. Peh must uncover the truth before time runs out. Luckily players will have a magic mirror to help them with this task, which can help them reveal events in the city that may otherwise remain hidden. Peh Jun will also need to talk to characters whose conversation and advice will provide vital clues to help solve the game’s many puzzles and mysteries. But players must take care in their interactions as every choice can have huge consequences that could change the story’s outcome.


  • Historic Chinese art style immerses players in the beautiful scenery
  • Exciting and intriguing murder-mystery narrative
  • Uncover secrets using the ancient magic mirror
  • Find important clues from dialogue and puzzles to solve the mystery
  • Every choice made affects the plot and leads to different endings

Tales of the Mirror is out now on Google Play the App Store for $2.99 and on Steam for $7.99. The game is playable in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Japanese. To keep up with the latest news about the Tales of the Mirror follow it on Facebook.


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About Cotton Game

Cotton Game began life in Shanghai in 2013 as little more than a collective of independent gaming enthusiasts. Through their commitment to gaming, they went on to develop unique, mentally stimulating, and visually stunning games. Cotton Game has received multiple awards including the (IGF) indiePlay China indie Game Awards “Best Art Award”, Apple App Store’s “Best Indie Games of the Year” award, Indie Stream Japan’s “Jury Award”, IndiePlay’s “Best Game”, the International Mobile Games Award (China) (IMGA China) and the CMGG Best Mobile Stand Alone Game.

About Lilith Games

Lilith Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (AKA “Lilith”) was established in May 2013 and is devoted to developing the most engaging mobile games and creating an unprecedented gaming experience for players around the globe. Since its founding, Lilith has developed and published a variety of acclaimed games, such as Soul Hunters, Abi: A Robot’s Tale, Rise of Kingdoms, Art of Conquest, AFK Arena, and Warpath to name just a few. Lilith ranked tenth place in terms of global game publishing company revenue according to data from App Annie’s State of Mobile 2021 report. In addition to commercial gaming success, Lilith continues to place its focus on creating small and beautiful stand-alone games and has released such excellent titles as Isoland 2 and Mr. Pumpkin 2.