Fight for the future of humanity against a parasitic alien race in cross-platform Looter Shooter RPG The Desolation

 Journey to the year 2140 and help an interplanetary human race defeat a synthetic alien horde as The Desolation comes to Steam and mobile platforms in 2024

Berlin, Germany, November 7th 2023 – Acclaimed games developer and publisher Stratosphere Games is today announcing the upcoming early access launch of its co-op RPG looter shooter, The Desolation. Set in an alternate future that has seen humanity become a militarised and fragmented race across the stars, a new threat has emerged in the form of an alien parasite known only as ‘‘The Shade’. Loaded with a distinct blend of action RPG mechanics, looter shooter gameplay, cooperative elements, and an isometric viewpoint, The Desolation is designed to deliver a sublime cross-play experience for mercenaries taking down “The Shade” on both PC and mobile devices when it launches next year.

With the game’s main antagonists being a species of synthetic alien parasites that require the remnants of humanity to band together in order to defeat it, team-based roles are vital in The Desolation. Multiple roles are available and can be enhanced through an ever-expanding arsenal of futuristic weaponry and combat abilities. From the mighty Tank to the adaptable Support, the classes and weapons players choose can be customized to suit their playstyle and the needs of the team. Once kitted out and ready for war, players will find themselves in the thick of the action across a multitude of carefully crafted environments. These range from the familiar yet futuristic take on what Earth will look like in 2140 as well as the expansive sands of Mars. Each procedurally generated world within The Desolation offers up an expansive array of opportunities to deploy, kill and extract alien invaders.

The Desolation has been built from the ground up to provide an action-packed experience for both PC and mobile players without sacrificing quality or features. Mercenaries can fight for humanity without compromise, no matter what platform they choose to play on.

Key Features

  • Looter shooting and action RPG gameplay combine in The Desolation
  • Fight the aliens back anywhere with cross-play between PC and mobile platforms
  • Classic combat roles, including Support, Damage Dealer and Tanks
  • Link up with friends or players from across the globe to fight the alien horde together in cooperative play
  • Discover an expansive array of customisable weapons that can be altered to suit each mercenaries play style perfectly

Stratosphere Games is offering 1,000 mercenaries the chance to get hands on with The Desolation on November 20th by joining the game’s official discord server and registering themselves on the Open Loot giveaway pageThe Desolation is set to launch into Steam Early Access on H1 2024, with a full release planned for later in the year on PC and mobile platforms.

About Stratosphere Games:

Based in Berlin, Stratosphere Games is not your average game development studio. Our nearly 70-strong team comprises industry veterans from esteemed gaming giants like Splash Damage, Wargaming, Huuuge Games, Nexon, Smilegate, and Ubisoft. Together, we’re redefining the gaming landscape. Our experienced leadership, under the guidance of Kristian Metzger, CEO and Founder, and Daniel Ullrich, COO, brings a wealth of expertise to Stratosphere Games, ensuring the success of our mission.

At Stratosphere Games, we’re on a mission to deliver cutting-edge, AAA-quality MMO games that transcend the boundaries of mobile gaming and beyond. With our proprietary development architecture, FRAMEWORK, we’re crafting next-generation experiences that fit right in your pocket. Our commitment to high-end production values, groundbreaking multiplayer features, and innovative player engagement and retention elements sets us apart from the rest.

Currently, our stellar lineup features three exceptional products:

  • Homeworld Mobile: Embark on an epic journey through the cosmos in this mobile masterpiece that captures the essence of the beloved Homeworld franchise.
  • Dawn of Ages: Empire at War: Dive into a mesmerizing medieval world where you can rewrite history, combining strategic brilliance with intense battles.
  • The Desolation: Brace yourself for a post-apocalyptic adventure like no other, filled with suspense, exploration, and survival.
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