Love and Deepspace surfs up an ocean of content in its new event ‘When Tides Echo’

Infold Games is dropping anchor on its latest Love and Deepspace event, starting April 3rd, featuring a new companion, new activities, a sea of new content, and a brand-new trailer

April 3rd, 2024 – Infold Games, the talented team behind the hugely popular “Nikki” and “Mr. Love” series, is excited to reveal via its newest trailer that the world of its smash-hit Otome ARPG, Love and Deepspace, is expanding today. The game, which secured over 10 million downloads by the third day of its open beta, is now serving up a brand new event, When Tides Echo, available to play now on iOS and Android.

Set in and around the beautiful city of Linkon, Love and Deepspace takes players on a journey into a sci-fi epic where love knows no bounds. Packed with immersive cutscenes, carefully crafted storylines, and an in-depth RPG combat experience, Deepspace Hunters should prepare to dive deep into the latest interlude that sees the talented artist Rafayel unveil a whole new persona!

Swap Linkon for the underwater city of Lemuria, meet Rafayel: God of the Tides, and take the fight against the Wanderer threat 20,000 leagues under the sea. Wanderers, the fearsome forces of evil threatening the human race, require the use of special ‘Evol’ abilities to take down. Each of the three companions – Xavier, Zayne and Rafayel – has their own set of unique ‘Evol’ abilities and ‘Memories’ offering players a distinct experience each time they go into battle.

Alongside the latest interlude chapter in the Love and Deepspace saga comes a new unlockable Rafayel companion – obtained by collecting ‘Memory Pairs’ that shed more light on the mysterious God of the Tides. A brand-new series of combat outfits that shows off why he has become so appreciated by Deepspace Hunters across the globe will also be available, alongside a second iteration of the beloved Hunter Contest.

Fans of Love and Deepspace will have a new excuse to go on a Claw Machine date as ‘Fairymare’, the newest plushie in the collection, will be obtainable from April 3rd. The photo booth will also be getting a major upgrade with the ‘AR Snapshot feature’, allowing players to take even more realistic and immersive photos with their love interests. 

The rewards don’t stop there, as fellow Hunters will be able to unlock brand-new shop packs and take part in the Sea Breeze Echo Event, offering the chance to obtain new 3-star and 4-star memories for free. 

Don’t tread water on Love and Deepspace, as it’s available to download now on iOS and Android worldwide. When Tides Echo will be playable for a limited time only, from April 3rd to April 16th.