Win this game of thrones by transforming a lowly hamlet into a mighty manor fit for a lord in First Feudal

Plot your rise to the throne and command your castle with an iron fist in this sandbox survival city-builder designed to offer hours of challenging gameplay to test even the mightiest ruler

April 8th, 2021 – Samara, Russia – Developer Harpoon Games is excited to announce that its debut title First Feudal, a sandbox city-builder and colony management simulator with survival elements and combat, is launching on Steam after three years in Early Access. Starting with a small village, some peasants and with limited resources, players must develop their tech and expand their territory and influence into a formidable kingdom capable of defending its newly gained wealth from a host of enemies including roaming bandits, thieves and wild animals.

First Feudal allows players to lead from the front by joining subjects in chopping down trees and mining, or they can sit on the throne and command their serfs. Peasants can be assigned to one of 10 professions, and it is up to the lord to decide what role they take in the settlement based on their attributes and experience, be it hunter, farmer or trader. Players must keep a close eye on food, fatigue and morale to keep their workers happy, productive and – most importantly – alive. Building houses, hosting bards and brewing alcohol are all worthwhile strategies in making their village a continued success. But players can always remind their subjects who is in charge by cracking the whip at the cost of happiness. It is a delicate balance, as random events force players to make critical decisions that could have significant repercussions, such as choosing between new weapons for defence or food to prevent famine. 

Every game of First Feudal is different thanks to its randomly generated maps and in-depth season mechanic creating constantly unique challenges. To help lords overcome these trials, co-operative multiplayer allows players to rule with up to five friends to build and defend their village. First Feudal also boasts a tech tree system, crafting, and logistics chains. The difficulty is also scaleable and can be adjusted with a slider at any point to suit the player’s needs – perfect for those struggling to shepherd their subjects through the hardships of winter. 


  • Start with a small village and build it up into a bustling fortress city as you manage trading, housing and food supplies during all four seasons
  • Lead your citizens into battle to repel enemy raiders or take shelter behind your mighty castle walls complete with strategically placed traps
  • Research and advance through technology trees to open up new gameplay possibilities
  • 10 available professions for players to assign their citizens to, which can be levelled up and improved
  • Ironman Mode provides the ultimate test of skill with saves that delete themselves upon death
  • Co-operative multiplayer for up to 6 players

First Feudal is out of Early Access and available now on Steam for €18.49/$19.99/£16.99. First Feudal is playable in English, Russian and Simplified Chinese with additional community-led language packs available to download from the Steam Workshop. Keep up to date with the latest First Feudal news on the Harpoon Games website,  join the official Discord channel and follow on Twitter for more.

About Harpoon Games

Harpoon Games is an indie studio excited to transfer its team’s combined games industry experience into their very own projects. The Russian-based team are working hard on their debut title ‘First Feudal’ and building a strong and engaged community around it. To find out more, visit the official Harpoon Games website: