Search and destroy the enemy as World War Armies launches worldwide on iOS and Android

Take command of a world of tanks, infantry and special forces across detailed maps all from in the palm of your hand

June 30th 2022, London, UK – Independent developer Hypemasters is excited to announce their real-time strategy game World War Armies has today launched globally on Android and iOS after a successful period in testing and pre-registration. Free to play, World War Armies goes into battle with an army of features designed to recreate the premium feel of PC RTS titles such as Company of Heroes and Steel Division, but playable on the go for portable PvP action.

Commanders can lead the United States, Germany or the newly-added USSR into battle with an extensive array of realistic WWII firepower, from infantry and armour to artillery and airstrikes to deploy. World War Armies’ training mode will get players in fighting shape ready for the intense PvP action that awaits them in the skirmish mode, where the victors can enjoy the spoils of war. New recruits and veteran war-dogs alike can also grab a battle pass to earn extra rewards through seasonal objectives. 

As well as debuting a brand new faction, the global launch of World War Armies brings with it a number of improvements such as new unit models, combat animations and customisable cosmetics to complement the strong focus on visual design. Each WWII-inspired battlefield is depicted in a style akin to a tabletop wargame or a museum’s diorama brought to life. This gives commanders a great view of the battlefield unrestricted by any limitations of the mobile screen, and reinforces the developers goal of recreating the classic PC RTS feel.

This classic RTS feel is not obscured by the fog of war, and players will have to make their strategic decisions in real-time. Whether launching a counter-attack or digging-in to defend the point, commanders must stay one step ahead in an increasingly deadly arms race with their enemy counterpart.

Rules of Engagement: 

  • Witness classic PC-style RTS gameplay roll out onto the mobile battlefield
  • Engage PvP with rival commanders in intense 1-on-1 online battles
  • Command stylised WWII German, American and Soviet infantry, vehicles and weapons plus powerful generals to give you the edge in battle
  • Develop and deploy tactics such as combined assaults and tactical airstrikes

World War Armies is now available to play on Google Play and iOS worldwide. Stay up to date with all the latest news and developments by joining the World War Armies Discord and following on Facebook.

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About Hypemasters:

Hypemasters is an international game development studio based in the US and Europe. Founded in 2019, the Hypemasters team is committed to bringing players a gaming experience that is both legendary and genre-defining. This mission begins with World War Armies, a classic RTS that captures the traditional PC PVP action on mobile.