World War Armies needs you! Enlist today!

Answer the call of duty by commanding your armies on stylistic WWII inspired battlefields as all hell is let loose in PvP mobile action this June

May 30th 2022, London, UK – Independent developer Hypemasters today announced that its WWII-themed real-time strategy, World War Armies, is set to make base camp on mobile this June, having already begun field-testing on Android. Recruits on iOS are able to sign up for pre-registration today so they won’t miss deployment. Marching in with an army of features aimed at recreating the feel of PC RTS titles such as Company of Heroes and Steel Division, but playable on the go for at-will PvP action, World War Armies is a stylistic take on WWII, inspired by and paying homage to the lesser-known units, technology and battlefields that saw action.

World War Armies’ combat will feature an expansive array of realistic WWII firepower, from infantry and armour to artillery and airstrikes, blended with original designs unique to each playable faction. Witness the behemoth that is the Panzer VIII Maus ‘breakthrough tank’, the heaviest fully enclosed armoured fighting vehicle ever built, or counter it with the specialist tank-hunter M1 bazooka squad who with just a few well-placed rockets, can land a knockout blow that will turn even Tigers into sitting ducks. 

When ready for battle, commanders will have to make tactical decisions in real-time, capturing resource points to deploy reinforcements. Using the wrong tactics can be the downfall of any leader, so utilising every soldier, general and vehicle effectively is just as important as recruiting them. Build defensive structures and strike back after enemy forces have been depleted, or mount a furious offensive from the start to overwhelm opponents with artillery and armour. Whether launching a counter-attack or digging-in to defend, commanders must acquire the limited resources necessary to upgrade their armies and stay one step ahead in an increasingly deadly arms race with their enemy counterpart.

Scout for forward operating locations through the fog of war and lure the enemy into skirmishes on terrain that may hinder their ability to fight effectively. Each WWII-inspired battlefield is depicted in a style akin to a tabletop wargame or a museum’s diorama brought to life. This gives commanders a great view of the battlefield unrestricted by any limitations of the mobile screen, and reinforces the developers goal of recreating the classic PC RTS feel.

Rules of engagement: 

  • Witness classic RTS gameplay roll out onto the mobile battlefield
  • Engage with rival commanders in intense 1-on-1 PvP battles online
  • Take control of authentic WWII German and American infantry, vehicles and weapons
  • Develop and deploy tactics such as combined assaults and tactical airstrikes
  • Use the best military minds to gain the advantage with recruitable legendary generals

The open beta of World War Armies is currently available to play in most countries through Google Play. Pre-registration for iOS is open now. Stay up to date with all the latest news and developments by joining the Discord and following on Facebook.