Travel to a realm of mysticism and fantasy in Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game, out now on Steam Early Access

Cultivate an unstoppable deck of cards and take on players from across the globe in this magical fantasy online deck builder from publisher Gamera Games

Shanghai, China, December 7th 2022 – Acclaimed indie publisher Gamera Games is bringing DarkSun Studio’s Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game to Steam today, December 7th. Taking inspiration from ‘cultivators’ in Chinese mythology (gifted people who have the desire to become immortal beings), Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game brings a fresh twist to the deck-building genre. A mystical world of heroes, villains and supernatural powers awaits players who can compete across the globe in online tournaments to find out who has the most powerful cards and most fertile strategies. With a wide collection of cards to collect and an expansive range of playstyles to master, no duel will ever be the same!

The key to dealing damage in Yi Xian is a blend of two factors, good strategy and building a powerful deck to complement it. All combat takes place automatically, players must therefore decide their tactics before entering battle, with deck order being key to victory. Opt to go for all out in an attack by focusing on heavy damage, be cautious and reduce damage with a high defence, utilise control abilities that enable you to dominate the battlefield, or create a blend of any of the three, it’s only by carefully planning and choosing the right cards before stepping into the arena that victory can be claimed. 

Each of Yi Xian’s sects contains a bespoke set of characters and sub-professions, all with exclusive cards and abilities. Players can combine different characters to acquire unique play styles and gain further deck-building options. It is only players’ imaginations that will limit the tactical options available to them as they construct decks capable of defeating even the strongest opponents.

Key Cards:

  • Out now on Steam Early Access! 
  • An online deck builder inspired by Chinese fantasy, Xianxia
  • Characters and sub-professions let players explore a range of different playstyles
  • Select cards to create powerful synergies and build an unstoppable deck
  • Each new run brings a new set of cards and challenges to overcome; got what it takes to keep succeeding?

Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game has laid its cards out on the Steam table, available now for $7.99. Players can keep up to date with the latest news on Twitter, Discord, and the official website.

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