Your country needs you! Beta pre-registration now open for WW2 alternate reality mobile strategy title Warpath

Create strategic battle plans, deploy mighty armies,  forge alliances and obliterate your enemies in this mobile RTS set in World War 2  –  but not as you know it

Singapore – October 16th 2020 – Wonder Games summons all commanders to sign up today for the open beta of Warpath, its epic new  RTS  title for iOS and Android.   Set against the backdrop of an alternate version of World War 2, Warpath places players in command of units fighting to free the world from the tyranny of the evil Raven faction. RTS fans can expect to muster powerful armies from a vast selection of historically accurate air and land units, team up with players from around the world and take the fight to the enemy in explosive battles played out across a huge and dynamically changing global map.  Players who pre-register will receive the mighty ‘Tiger P’ tank as a reward when the Warpath beta marches into battle this November 10th. Pre-register for the open beta’s global launch now on Google Play and the App Store.

By uniting the allied forces of the Vanguard Division, Camp Liberty and the Martyr’s Watch into the most powerful army the world has ever seen, players can help bring an end to Raven’s plan for global domination. To emerge victoriously, players must build up a powerful base as well as choosing which weapons and vehicles to develop and upgrade to give them the best chance of turning the tide of war against Raven’s forces. To suit every kind of playstyle, combatants will have access to over 100 historically authentic units, all of which can be upgraded to increase their power. These include ‘P-40 Warhawk’ fighter planes and ‘Tiger II’ tanks to rain destruction down on enemies from both land and air. 

As well as infantry, armour, artillery and more, players can also recruit powerful Officers to help them turn the tide of battle. Once unlocked, these skilled leaders bring special abilities and huge tactical advantages into Warpath’s real-time battles that take place on an enormous map. This campaign map includes realistic geography and enables players to take part in recreations of iconic battles such as the Battle of Moscow. 

Strategy game fans will be pleased to find that Warpath features a range of controls and options to create an incredible mobile strategy experience. Players can take direct control of their units to engage in real-time strategy or allow units’ intelligent routing to take control and apply various strategic playstyles as they target varied tactical objectives. Gamers can also forge powerful alliances and work together with other players to boost their chances of victory and share the spoils of war.

 The Warpath beta launches globally this November. Click here to pre-register on Android and here on iOS, and ensure you get your exclusive ‘Tiger P’  special gift. Stay up to date with the latest news by joining the Warpath community on Discord, Facebook and Twitter

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Wonder Games is a mobile games company located in Singapore, founded in 2020. We aim to create quality, exciting and interactive games that will lead more people into the wonderful world of gaming. Our corporate goal is to become a world-class developer and publisher. Warpath is the first title on the route to this goal.