Get Ready for Events with Freemium Mode  

Welcome to Freemium Mode, the show dedicated to all things B2B marketing in the games industry. With Gamescom on the horizon, our latest episode dives into everything you need to know about events. Join Max and Amie as they share their expertise on:

  • Identifying the Best Events for Your Brand: Learn how to choose the right events to maximise your brand’s impact.
  • Booth vs. Attendance Strategies: Discover the pros and cons of having a booth versus simply attending and which strategy works best for you.
  • Creative Brand Standout Techniques: Get innovative ideas on how to make your brand stand out during the show.

This episode is a must-watch for any games company looking to boost its presence at Gamescom and beyond.

Freemium Mode is a monthly series that covers all aspects of B2B marketing in the games industry. Featuring experts from Big Games Machine and special guests, Freemium Mode equips you with the tools you need to gain an edge in the sector.

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