FREEMIUM MODE: Unlock the power of LinkedIn to boost your profile

Join us for the latest episode (and our first live stream!) of Freemium Mode, where Tamsin and Max share practical insights on everything LinkedIn. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to learn how to immediately leverage LinkedIn for your B2B marketing in the games industry.

In this episode, Tamsin shares her expert insights on:

  • Setting Up Your Company’s Profile: Learn practical steps to create a professional and impactful LinkedIn profile to boost your B2B marketing efforts.
  • Best Posting Strategies: Discover the best practices to make your profile shine and the common mistakes to avoid.
  • Content Diversification: Find out how to mix up your content to grow and engage your audience.
  • Campaign Evaluation: Understand how to evaluate your LinkedIn campaigns for maximum effectiveness properly

Freemium Mode is a monthly series that covers all aspects of B2B marketing in the games industry. Featuring experts from Big Games Machine and special guests, Freemium Mode equips you with the tools you need to gain an edge in the sector.

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