Arcade Dreams

Rocksteady Media approached us to promote its Kickstarter for an ambitious documentary series about the history of the arcade.


Spanning over 100 years of gaming, the team were capturing high-quality footage of machines that entertained gamers of the 1800s, and interviewing industry luminaries about their involvement in the growth of the industry and the impact Arcades had on them. 

We secured an exclusive video placement with IGN, to showcase a preview of the series in the form of a short segment about SEGA. Additionally, we curated a list of target media which included retro, arcade and pinball gaming media to increase visibility in these important niche communities. Part of this success was by offering the media the opportunity to interview the Rocksteady Media team.

Arcade Dreams

Rocksteady Media

Documentary series 

What We Did:
Kickstarter Campaign

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What we did

Crafted a bespoke press release hitting all the key news points and information

Created a targeted media list with gaming, retro, arcade and pinball media outlets

Approached AAA outlets to exclusively place the “SEGA Gunfight short” and securing IGN for the date of the Kickstarter launch

Performed multiple rounds of outreach at key beats of the campaign to maintain message visibility

Contacted over 1,000 members of the media at each phase of the campaign

Helped the client exceed their funding goal of $95,000 by nearly $20,000 as a result

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The Results

We secured 34 pieces of content for a Kickstarter campaign during a busy holiday season. As well as the IGN exclusive video, this included news articles on gaming sites like Gamespot, Polygamia and Player.One in addition to highly targeted sites like Arcade Heroes and Pinball News.

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