Curse of Anabelle

Rocwise Entertainment approached us to help promote the global launch of their horror-puzzle game, Curse of Anabelle.


Rocwise Entertainment approached us to help promote the global launch of their horror-puzzle game, Curse of Anabelle. The final release window was non-moveable and didn’t leave room for the developers to correct technical issues. Therefore, we worked with the client to craft a strategy that would use these potential negatives to our advantage.

We were tasked with producing a creative press release and accompanying pitches, to secure launch news and influencer coverage. We positioned Curse of Anabelle as an homage to ‘B-Movie’ horror films, in order to make the game stand out amongst the ultra-serious horror games which were currently on the market.

Curse of Anabelle

Rocwise Entertainment


What We Did
Global launch PR

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What we did

  • We wrote a press release for the launch, opting for a mixture of explaining the lore and game mechanics whilst not taking ourselves too seriously. This resulted in us leaning into ‘B-Movie’ tropes to make people aware of VO lines that the developers weren’t able to improve upon – turning a potential negative into a unique selling point. 
  • Targeting media and influencers who were fans of horror games was a big priority.
  • The popularity of horror games on YouTube and Twitch meant we had a strong focus on getting Curse of Anabelle into the hands of influencers through manual pitching as well as running a Keymailer campaign – reaching out to over 450 influencers.
  • Undertook multiple rounds of outreach to media and influencers, giving them early access to the game under embargo, advising on a walkthrough to ensure a smooth review process and following up after launch with news of the games big update and encouraging them to check out the changes.
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The Results

  • More than 170 pieces of content were secured, with a reach of over 21 million people
  • The good range of language support in-game meant there was a large pool of interest from different markets such as Brazil, Germany and Russia.
  • Media coverage from strong regional sites like 4PlayersDE, Hobby Consolas and PC Guru as well as Metacritic certified sites such as SpazioGames and GamingTrend.
  • Over 1.5 million views and counting from YouTube influencer content. Influencers kept coming back to Curse of Anabelle and making multiple pieces of content from the game as opposed to leaving it as a one-off on their channel.
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