Hesketh studios approached us to help with the global Early Access launch of its new title Executive Assault 2, the sequel to acclaimed RTS title Executive Assault. Executive Assault 2 had some unique PR hooks. Firstly, it was a unique hybrid of an RTS and an FPS. Secondly, it looked incredible. Most surprising of all, the entire game had been developed by just one person. How could we possibly resist working on a game with so much media and influencer appeal?!


Hesketh Studios




Executive Assault 2

What we did

Global launch PR

What we did 

  • Created a multi-phase outreach campaign targeted at relevant global media and influencers to announce the game was coming to Early Access
  • Engaged with media to secure coverage and dealt with the distribution of Steam keys
  • Created the press kit and press releases for both phases
  • Wrote all the copy for the Steam page
  • Reached out to over 1000 media multiple times offering them the game for review
  • Identified key influencers and approached them to cover the game
  • Ran a campaign Keymailer to identity target influencers as well as handle all incoming requests for keys. We also ran a front-page carousel banner campaigns for the two phases of the campaign
  • Ran social media on Twitter and Facebook for two months

The Results 

  • Secured over 50 pieces of coverage including PC Gamer, Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun. The Kotaku coverage included us securing an interview between Rob, the game’s creator and the editor of Kotaku UK
  • Influencers produced over 50 videos and streams around launch, generating over 250k views in a short period of time
Pieces of coverage
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