Gamera Games Showcase – Tokyo Game Show 2021

Gamera Game approached us to raise awareness of its massive selection of games in Gamera’s Tokyo Game Show 2021 showcase


Tokyo Game Show is one of the largest video game exhibitions in the world and a major calendar event for gamers. Chinese publisher Gamera Game wanted our help to drive excitement for its TGS 2021 showcase. With a massive selection of over 20 games included in the showcase, we had to ensure the key facts for each individual title were conveyed in the initial announcement release. All while being mindful that too much information on such a number of games could appear overwhelming, and messy, to journalists and content creators.

With this many games included in Gamera Game’s showcase, we utilised our knowledge of current trends in gaming to handpick a selection of key titles that could be used for feature pitching. Plus, to ensure nothing from the showcase was missed, any pitches for specific titles were linked back to the full showcase announcement and referenced the other titles that may be of interest to whomever we were messaging.

Gamera Game 

Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

Gamera Game Showcase – Tokyo Game Show 2021

What we did
Announced the showcase to gaming press and influencers, supporting key titles with personalised pitches to high value gaming outlets and influencers.

Arise of Awakener
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What we did

  • Drafted the announcement press release and announced the line-up of the Gamera TGS 2021 showcase to over 800 gaming media contacts and influencers 
  • Built bespoke media lists for highlighted games such as Dyson Sphere Program, Firework and Rise of Awakener by researching and messaging journalists with interests in the genre and experience with similar titles
  • Advised on the layout and creation of a massive media kit comprising assets and information for over 20 titles 
  • Personalised pitches to high-value outlets to secure the placement of game trailers after the event  

The Results

  • Raised awareness of the Gamera Game brand globally with 108 pieces of coverage spanning locations in the United States, UK, Russia, Brazil and Spain. 
  • Secured coverage in high-value outlets such as IGN, PCGamesN, Vandal and
  • Placed trailers for multiple titles including Pathless Woods and Arise of Awakener on the IGN homepage and YouTube channel 
  • PR activity supporting trailer videos boosted cumulative views to nearly one million. 
  • Our influencer campaign secured coverage with the YouTuber Arekkz Gaming (1.2m subs) with one video on Arise of Awakener gaining over 200k views