Gamevice, the creator of a unique patented controller for mobile devices,  approached us to run its Twitter channel. The key objectives were to use the content we would create for Twitter to boost the social media presence across all platforms, and for us to engage with online influencers to boost awareness within these mass communities. We also carried out a more conventional PR campaign in the UK, support all marketing & PR efforts such as product and game announcements, and coordinating with regional teams in the US, Russia and Hong Kong.




Gamevice social media activity

What we did

Social media activity

What we did

To help drive the growth of the Twitter following we connected to over a dozen YouTube influencers who were interested in the most popular Gamevice-compatible games, for example Terraria and Minecraft: Pocket Edition. This allowed us to showcase Gamevice to the massive fanbases of these games.

We also wanted to target older gamers familiar with more  hardcore mobile and console titles. To do this, we partnered with Pocket Gamer to run a week-long competition to target more mature audiences and drive more social media engagement.

We also understood the importance of building close relationships with developers. We made sure to call out any new controller-compatible games and updates from both big and small studios, including Young Horses Games and Crescent Moon Games

The results 

From our influencer outreach we were able to generate over 150,000 views for Gamevice -related videos, including one YouTuber running his own giveaway to his 200,000 subscribers. This had a significant impact on Twitter growth and engagement, growing the channel by 3000 in a short space of time, and helping to position the channel as the direct contact point for new enquiries and existing owners.

By combining our ongoing social media campaign with Pocket Gamer’s readership base, we were able to raise awareness of Gamevice beyond our younger audience, generating 15,000+ impressions, 1,200+ direct engagements and over 500 Mobcrush stream views in the space of a week.

Our Twitter activity also strengthened other non-Big Games Machine operated social channels, with Instagram in particular growing by almost 10,000 followers in the space of 2 months.