Developer Toadman Interactive approached us to help with the launch of their new hardcore title Immortal Unchained on PC. Preferring to focus entirely on influencers, Toadman Interactive tasked us with specifically targetting a small volume of very relevant influencers to take part in the invite-only playtest of the title ahead of its launch.


Toadman Interactive




Immortal Unchained

What we did

Engage with a handpicked list of influencers to take part in the beta

What we did 

  • We worked with Toadman Interactive to identify titles that were similar to Immortal Unchained. Ultra hardcore games such as the Dark Souls series were an immediate point of reference as well as several other titles.
  • Researched influencers that had covered these titles and that we knew had a preference for hardcore games.
  • Assessed each influencer based on reach, fan engagement and a variety of other factors to arrive at a final list of 200+ targets.
  • Reached out to these targets to invite them to the invite-only play session and managed the responses, allocation of keys and tracking of results.

The Results

  • Generated over 70 pieces of video coverage on Twitch and YouTube with a combined reach of 2.8 million
  • Generated 412k customer video views
  • 5 years of watch-time on YouTube
  • 2 years of watch-time on Twitch
Video channel reach
Video views
Watchtime (Twitch and YouTube)