Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Ubisoft approached us to promote the announcement and launch of The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, a mobile relaunch of their popular PC free-to-play looter. 


We were asked to engage with global games media and mobile gaming influencers to drive awareness and interest in pre-registration for the game in the first phase. Following this, at launch, we were asked to secure global news, reviews and interviews to raise awareness of the mobile version of this popular PC game.



Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

What we did
Global launch PR

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What we did

  • Due to the PC history of the game, we targeted both mobile, PC and generalist gaming publications – more than 1200 media and journalists in total.
  • We wrote a press release for each of the campaign’s two phases, both with a light tone in keeping with Mighty Quest for Epic Loot’s humour.
  • We undertook multiple rounds of outreach for each phase. We also staggered the outreach to avoid embargo dates being broken. This included offers of interviews and exclusive content to trusted outlets.

The Results

  • The pre-registration phase generated a total of 64 pieces of coverage. This included trailer shares on the French site Jeux Video (49M estimated monthly views), the Italian outlet Multiplayer.it (6M estimated) and Pocket Gamer (1M estimated).
  • The review phase secured 92 pieces of launch coverage, including pieces on Android Police (14.5M est.), Heavy (11.5M est.), Multiplayer.it and Pocket Gamer
  • Influencers also picked up on the game with popular mobile YouTuber FG3000 (subs 96K) covering the game with a video that now sits at 50,000 views
  • Coverage included a total of four reviews from Metacritic approved sites providing a rating on the aggregator to improve visibility
  • Mighty Quest’s total online coverage for the whole campaign had a total worldwide reach of 66M, 33M of which was for the week of launch.