Publisher/Developer Abstraction approached us to help with the launch of this classic adventure title on all three major console formats. Starting life on the Apple Mac and then the NES, Shadowgate gained a cult following in the 1980s and was then reimagined for PC by its original creators (in the guise of Zojoi) as the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Realising that Shadowgate deserved to be experienced by a wider audience, Zojoi then teamed up with developer/publisher Abstraction games to bring its title to all three major console formats which is where we entered into the mix.


Abstraction Games


PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch



What we did

Created a high quality limited edition print and reached out to media and influencers at announcement and launch

Shadowgate Limited Edition Print

Looking at the fantastic artwork that had been created for the game. We proposed the idea to Abstraction Games of creating a run of limited edition numbered prints to send to media and influencers. We further proposed creating an accompanying ‘certificate of authenticity’ to go with the prints. Here’s what we did:

  • Printed 60 Giclee high-quality A2 prints that were individually numbered on the back
  • Created an accompanying certificate of authenticity signed by artist Chris Cold complete with an embossed gold leaf seal
  • Sent personalised letters to each print recipient on old-style parchment paper to fit with the look and the feel of the game

What we did

  • Announced the title to over XXX media several months ahead of launch and handed out review code at launch
  • Researched several hundred influencers based on specific interests for each platform
  • Approached influencers and gave them keys
  • Ran a front page banner on Keymailer for 5 days to drive influencer uptake
  • Created limited edition prints and sent them out to the media and influencers

The results

  • Generated over 132 pieces of media coverage including N3rdabl3, VentureBeat, The Daily Mirror (UK), Jeuxvieo, Nintendo Life, 4Players and more
  • Estimated coverage views of 1.77 million
  • Total reach of media and influencers exceeded 11 million
  • Over 21 days of YouTube watch time
Pieces of coverage
Coverage views