Tower of Time

Event Horizon approached us to help with the global launch of their epic RPG Tower of Time.


10-person developer Event Horizon approached us to help with the global launch of their epic RPG Tower of Time. Helmed by an ex-banker who has given it all up to pursue his dream of making the ultimate RPG, Event Horizon’s achievement was staggering for team of its size. Akin to RPG’s of old such as Baldur’s Gate, Tower of Time is a 50+ hour epic labour of love that we knew was going to be a hit with the media and the RPG community. 

Event Horizon


Tower of Time

What we did
Global launch PR

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What we did

  • Created a multi-phase outreach campaign targeted at relevant global media and influencers to announce the game was leaving Early Access as well as handling the launch/departure from Early Access
  • Engaged with media to secure reviews and dealt with the distribution of Steam keys
  • Created the press kit and press releases for both phases
  • Wrote all the copy for the Steam page
  • Reached out to over 1000 media multiple times offering them the game for review
  • Ran two campaigns on Keymailer to identity target influencers as well as handle all incoming requests for keys. We also ran two front-page carousel banner campaigns for the two phases of the campaign
  • Provided extensive gameplay feedback as well as comprehensive advice on social media, including a detailed audit with an action plan

What’s in a name? The evolution of Arrow-Time

Part of Tower of Time’s uniqueness was its combat system. Part turn-based, part real-time, the combat allowed players to slow the action down to a crawl or pause it completely. This enabled the player time to making key strategic decisions. The problem was that Event Horizon could not describe the uniqueness of the combat system they had created. After a think, we realised that the system we were looking at was akin to bullet-time, made famous by The Matrix and games such as Max Payne. So, we suggested that the combat system be named ‘Arrow time’ as a nod to bullet time whilst keeping true to the game. We’re pleased to say that the press and customers loved the name as it easily conveyed the slow-motion nature of the action.

The Results

Secured over 200 pieces of coverage including PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamespot, N3rdabl3, God is a Geek, and much more 

Influencers produced over 500 videos and streams with over 800k views and a reach of over 5 million viewers