Warhammer Underworlds Online

Steel Sky Productions approached Big Games Machine to launch their forthcoming PC title Warhammer Underworlds: Online


Steel Sky Productions approached Big Games Machine to launch their forthcoming PC title Warhammer Underworlds: Online into Steam Early Access and then full launch a few months later. Set in the Sigmar Universe, the game features a combination of board and card-based gameplay and has been built as a direct recreation of the best-selling board game of the same name. This project was especially important because it’s rare for Games Workshop to license out permission for developers to recreate an existing physical property.

We were asked to engage with global games media and influencers to announce the game, drive wishlist signups and ensure that preview and then review code was put into the hands of relevant people. We were then tasked with securing coverage around both launches to obtain as much coverage as possible for this popular board game property.

Steel Sky Productions


Warhammer Underworlds Online

What we did
Global launch PR for Early Access and then the full game

Pieces of coverage
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What we did

  • Created a multi-phase outreach campaign targeted at relevant global media and influencers to cover off 4 phases. Two for Early Access (announcement and then launch) followed by full launch (announcement and then launch) 
  • Engaged with media to secure hands-on previews as well as launch coverage and dealt with the distribution of all Steam keys
  • Created the press kit for all phases
  • Extensively researched key target media and influencers, especially Warhammer fans
  • Reached out to media and influencers multiple times offering them the game for preview and review
  • Ran two 4-week campaigns on Keymailer to identity target influencers as well as handle all incoming requests for keys. We also ran front-page carousel banner campaigns for the two phases of the campaign
  • We also reached out to a handpicked target list of 250 influencers that we identified who were not as active on Keymailer
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The Results

  • Secured over 300 pieces of coverage and 10 million (estimated) coverage views across both main phases including PC Gamer, Polygon, Jeuxvideo, Eurogamer, IGN, Rock Paper Shotgun, Shacknews, PCGamesN, TechRaptor, Bleeding Cool and more  
  • Influencers produced over 100 videos and live streams around launch, generating over 500k views
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